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Press Release Cheat Sheet for Craft Breweries

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Get the most out of your next craft beer launch with an impactful press release using this quick reference guide.

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If you come from the world of PR, you know the power a press release can possess – if executed properly, of course. A properly executed press release doesn’t have to be super complicated. If you are a decent writer and can follow the basic best practices, you’ll be generating awareness in no time.

Below is a cheat sheet we built just for you and your craft beer press releases:

Craft Brewery Press Release 101:

Is a formal release necessary?

  • Question to consider: Is there some sort of news hook or new product/service to brag about? A press release is recommended for an announcement that is NEW, and that is not already known in the market.

  • If it is an incremental craft beer update, consider bundling with likeminded nuggets of news (tradeshow presence, special event, community collaboration, etc.) to give the announcement some extra media “legs.”

  • Not every new craft beer will require a press release. At times, it may make sense to share these updates in a media alert, blog post, etc.

Press release frequency: To avoid media fatigue, it is a best practice not to exceed more than two press releases per brand per month. Your craft brewery should aim not to syndicate more than eight press release per quarter. If multiple announcements are anticipated within a short timeframe, consider grouping into one larger announcement.

If after careful evaluation, you’ve determined a release is necessary, the question becomes who is writing it?

If your team is writing the release: Consider these content rules-of-thumb:

  • The first paragraph should hit on the “who, what, where, when and why.”

  • It is critical to have a brand spokesperson, like a brewer, quoted.

  • Having a customer, client or partner also include a quote in the release adds value and additional perspective to further build credibility and tell a wider story.

  • The end of the release should always outline a clear call-to-action.

If you would like our Hoppy Life Marketing team to help author your craft beer press release: We will ask you to complete a comprehensive PR intake form. Upon receiving your form, we’ll draft some thoughts, schedule a sourcing call with you for additional background. From there, we’ll develop a targeted list of media to pitch to, evaluate wire placement of release, and confirm ideal timing of launch.

Timing for draft: We typically recommend to allow for two weeks for a release to be drafted by the public relations team.

The release is drafted, now what?

  • What’s a Newswire? For SEO purposes and additional reach and impressions, it is typical to place press releases over a newswire service (we use PRNewswire) for widespread syndication.

  • Newswire cost: On average, the cost for placing over the wire on the national news line is between $1,500 and $2,000, depending on word count.

  • When should you publish on the wire? It is always to recommended to publish a release on the front-end of the week to ensure greatest visibility. (Monday-Wednesdays)

Pitching the release: In addition to sharing the release on a newswire, your PR team may also pitch the press release to reporters and editors who cover likeminded topics to determine if there is interest in reposting the release, or speaking to a brewery executive for further information. At Hoppy Life Marketing, we are happy to help pitch your stories to media and publications. Shoot us a note to get started.

Now you have a release on the wire and pitched to media, what’s next? Amplify your release using all your owned digital channels. These may include:

  • Your website

  • Brewery email newsletter

  • Facebook (post + stories)

  • Instagram (post + stories)

  • Twitter

  • Company blog

  • Internal communications platform

  • Sales enablement communication

One last bonus tip for creating the best craft brewery press release is to add a trackable link or tag to any links within the release. This will allow you to have visibility into the awareness and engagement that specific release drove.

That’s it! Press releases 101 for craft breweries in a nut shell…well, a cheat sheet.



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