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Knowing your customers and how to connect with them

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Step back and consider these 3 ideas before your next marketing activity.

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What's the old saying? Brewing is what you're doing when you aren't cleaning? And yeah…cleaning is HARD WORK. Let's face it, so is brewing. So…you've done all that cleaning and all that brewing…how do you get people to come drink it? More than that, who are you going to get to come drink it? Answering this question isn't easy, it involves knowing who you are as a brand, what your company voice is, who it is going to resonate with and how you are going to convey that message, over and over in every point in the customer journey.

Connecting with potential customers is more than posting a well-crafted picture of a beautifully crafted beer up on the ‘gram and then waiting by the door, hoping they’ll come by. Connecting with customers is telling them who you are, why you matter and why they should take time out of their day and money out of their pockets to come and support your brewery…and at that, over the numerous other breweries they may pass to get to your door.


To love thyself, is to know thyself…someone once said…I think…Regardless, it is totally relative here. Knowing who your brand is and who you want to be is the vital first step in crafting a consistent brand voice. When we say, "know who your brand is" it really boils down to the core values, brand pillars and proof points your company holds. Are you a fun-loving, free-wielding group of homebrewers looking to provide that atmosphere to more people? Are you looking to be a little more buttoned up for a working-professional clientele? To be successful, who you are and who you are trying to serve have to be complimentary. If your brand doesn’t mesh with the world views of your target customers, you could have the most consistent brand voice out there, but it won't resonate with your customers. Create a brand voice that is true to the values that your craft brewery was founded, but also relevant to the customers you are looking to serve.


Knowing who you are talking to is just as important as what you are saying…well yeah…duh? Any crafty brewery owner worth their salt has put together a business plan…hell, maybe five or six of 'em. But in doing so, you learned who your target audience is. Soccer moms, DINK millennials (Dual Income No Kids for those not in the know), or Boomers in retirement. Regardless of your target segment, they are all looking for amazing beer and a great place to drink it. Additionally, they are searching to support craft breweries that embody their values.

Your brand messaging and the experience you deliver all have to hit the right group, at the right time and with the right tone with a clear call to action for maximum effect. Now, this sounds like we are endorsing a carpet-bombing approach, which is not the case at all! Simply put, if you try to be everything to everyone, you'll be nothing to no one. (#dadsayings) Again, make sure that you are going after the audience that makes the most business sense for who you are.


Be consistent with flexibility. Sounds easy enough. If you’re like us and need a little more clarification, the concept basically boils down to this: Things are going to change. That is the only sure thing in life…well, that and taxes. If you are looking to be more than a flash in the pan, it’s a solid bet you are going to have to find a way to fit your brand voice to an audience you never thought to consider on day one. This is where the tone of your brand voice comes in. More than what you are saying or who you are saying it to, how you are saying it is crucial to the flexibility of your brand voice.

If you have continuity in the tone of your voice, the messaging can shift to match the audience change, without losing its authenticity or identity. There are threads that connect multiple audience types and finding that thread, that key connecting piece, will allow your consistent brand tone to shine through to them all. It’s like a pot pie of marketing…some people love the peas, some people love the carrots, some people are just in it for the crust (GUILTY!) and some just want the chicken…but they all love pot pie because it gives them what they want and also presents other foods in a way that might be more attractive than if they just had a pile of carrots in front of them.

Finding and harnessing the brand tone you want to convey will allow multiple audiences to find something appealing in your brand message, and hell…maybe they'll even come have a beer.

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