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A Year of Craft Beer Content: 100 Content Ideas for Craft Breweries

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

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100 craft brewery content ideas

We've all been there before...we have the best intentions to fill our websites, blogs and social media with quality content, but when we sit down to put some together we find ourselves stuck, paralyzed, cursed with writer's block. It's the worst feeling, especially if it happens day after day.

Content marketing for a craft brewery is not easy, but it can be done! Use this list of 100 content ideas to spark your creativity and take your content from boring to engaging. Any of these ideas could take multiple formats: blog posts, photos, infographics, videos, posts, polls, stories, articles, research studies, emails, reference guides, e-books and more.

Take a look, be inspired and think outside the square.


1. Beard Contest

2. Ugliest Dog contest

3. Beer naming

4. Game Night

5. Community Service Day

6. National IPA day

7. National beer day

8. Cinco de Mayo

9. Best practices for collaborations

10. Being the face of your community

11. Team member introductions

12. Art contest/label design

13. Partnering with local government

14. Designing a flight

15. Seasonal beer decision tree

16. Best kind of Yoga for a brewery

17. Run club

18. Mug club

19. Food truck wars

20. Charcuterie board building and beer pairing

21. Hop infusion night (Randall the Enamel)

22. Tap Takeover night

23. Cornhole event

24. Live Music event

25. Hop field visit

26. Malthouse visit


27. Cleaning

28. Mashing in

29. Dry Hopping

30. Equipment overview

31. Visiting a local bar - explaining why craft beer there

32. Hop Selection

33. Recipe development

34. Malt background

35. Water importance - local water vs. reengineered water

36. Setting up and preparing for a festival

37. Tap handle design process

38. Line cleaning importance

39. Fermentation controls

40. Souring beer - how it happens

41. Preparing fruit for use - selection of fruit - Frozen, fresh, puree

42. Canning line process

43. Take away beer - growler vs. crowler

44. Dealing with distributors

45. Process for attracting new customers

46. Space build out review (or real-time)

47. Interview equipment manufacturer

48. Merch selections - new stuff introductions - unique offerings

49. Flooring considerations

50. Choosing a house yeast


51. Responsible drinking (how-to)

52. Chocolate + beer pairing

53. Girl scout cookie + beer pairing

54. Quiz: which beer style are you?

55. Beer for home team wins

56. Beer for home team loss

57. How to fight the "Sunday Scaries"

58. Brew-based care package for new parents

59. How to choose the right glass for your beer

60. The proper way to make a toast

61. How to make a pumpkin beer tap

62. Kegstands: are they overrated?

63. How to day-drink and not turn into a frat boy

64. Best drinking songs

65. I do: How to choose a craft brew for your wedding

66. Why beer is an excellent choice for exercise recovery

67. A charcuterie board for every beer style

68. Brewery merch: what's your style?

69. Spotlight: Get to know your brewers

70. How to drink at your kid's soccer game: Clever beer-smuggling covers

71. Drinking games: Family games you can play and not spill your beer

72: Holiday gift guide: what brewery lovers really want

73. How to get your non-brewery friend to join you for a pint of craft beer

74. Favorite craft beer memes

75. Beer-run: How to train for a beer tasting 5k

76. 10 times you do NOT want to be stuck without a beer

77. Craft Beer 101: No, Karen. It's not all made in garages

78. It's a beer world: Favorite beers from around the globe

79. Good things come in small packages: Why lower ABV is a thing now

80. Baby, it's cold outside: Brews to keep you warm through the winter

81. 6-pack stacked: Workouts that burn a 2 pints of calories in less than 30 min.

82. Motivational quotes that appeal to your audience

83. Local flavors: Food and beer pairings featuring dishes from nearby restaurants

84. Don't judge a beer by its can: Packaging trends

85. The ultimate brewery visit pack list: games, snacks, expectations - all covered

86. Craft beer myths

87. Star Student: Customer of the week feature

88. Coast to coast: What to do with all those dang craft beer coasters

89. Fruit garnish in beer: yes or no?

90. Bottles vs cans: Things to consider when choosing one over the other

91. Make new friends: How to make friends at a brewery

92. Straight from the drinker's mouth: Why our customers love craft beer

93. Baby steps: Craft brews to try if you're "not a beer drinker"

94. How to start a beer journal

95. Back to school: How to read a beer label

96. Celebrations worthy of a special brew

97. Beers to inspire your fall decorating

98. Best beers to sip on while doing yard work

99. The Ultimate Guide to Tailgating: How to be the envy of everyone else in that parking lot

100. Planning your Crafteloertte Party: Just add your girl squad

Which is your favorite idea listed above? What engaging content ideas would you add to this list? Tell us below or on Instagram!

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