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We believe every craft beer has a story. Beyond recipes and hop schedules, beyond kegs and tap handles, there lies a story that's begging to be heard - heard by your biggest fans and thirstiest supporters. It deserves to be captured and presented to media, engaged with by influencers, tasted by customers and most importantly manifested in every aspect of your marketing. With more craft beer brands in market than ever before, the story - YOUR story - is everything. And it is bigger, deeper and richer than you might think.

Doesn't your craft beer story deserve to be shared?

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Where your story begins

Brand marketing is the cornerstone to everything. It’s your values, your personality, your pillars - why your business exists at all. Developing an authentic, memorable brand is the gateway to the rest of your marketing strategy. Think of it like a map - if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect to get there?

At Hoppy Life Marketing, we love brands! We love little brands, big brands and everything in between. Most of all, we love authentic brands. We love digging in deep with everyone who has a hand in the company and ask the questions to uncover what truly sets you apart from your competition. Your beer is unique, your story should be too.

Our brand marketing strategy work typically includes the following elements:

  • Market research: Primary, secondary and VOC

  • Brand development: Take the insights from the research and build your “brand brewery”

  • Brand playbook: This is extremely important as it acts as a messaging and design guide for all future marketing material creation, product development


Strategic storytelling

You have an unbelievable story and an even more incredible product, now what? Who are your target customers? What matters to them? We know they want to hear from you, but how so? What’s your content plan? What’s most impactful?

We ask these questions (and a whole heck of a lot more) to help you craft the perfect marketing communications strategy for your brand and your team. We recognize every business is unique, which is why we ensure the strategy we create together is something that’s realistic to execute and maintain.

Marketing Communications is a very broad and very important function of marketing. After all, it’s what connects the dots between production and happy customers. It’s also ever-changing as the communications landscape evolves (we’re looking at you, social media) and new tactics and content opportunities are born daily.

In working with us on the development of a Marketing Communications strategy, you can expect us to create thoughtful strategies and tactics for the following core channels:

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Public Relations

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Where art and science collide

Content marketing is the foundation of all other marketing communications. It’s highly strategic and involves the creation of rich, valuable, thoughtful content distributed in strategic channels during specific phases of a buyer’s journey. It’s long-term, often organic at first and builds the necessary SEO to propel your brand to the first page of Google search.

We offer the following Content Marketing services:

  • Strategy development

  • Tactical plan creation

  • Execution of strategy

  • Reporting and optimization


Modern day word of mouth

Gone are the simple days of social media where it was just millennials on Facebook. Social media marketing is a core component of any digital marketing strategy today. Not only is it one of the most authentic ways in which your brand can engage with your customers, but it also continues to drive favorable purchasing behavior year after year.

The ironic thing about social media, is you can spot a poor strategy (or lack of one) a mile away, but you rarely notice a good one. "Why," you ask. That’s because a winning social media strategy just works – effortlessly. With over a decade of experience in building and executing results-oriented social media strategies, we are proud to offer the following social media services:

  • Strategy development

  • Tactical plan creation

    • Content

    • Paid

    • Influencer

  • Editorial Calendar

  • Optimization and measurement

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Better buzz than an Imperial Stout

Think your craft beer story is not media-worthy? Wrong. We help you uncover those new and existing stories and connect you with strategic publications and media who can help spread the word about your brand, products and special initiatives.

Public relations is more than just writing press releases. It’s building valuable relationships with key media partners, it’s identifying influencer marketing opportunities that authentically amplify your brand’s stories, it’s sponsorship opportunities and events – even awards.

In working with us on a craft brewery public relations plan, we will help you plan and execute the following:

  • Strategy development

    • Media relations

    • Influencer marketing

    • Sponsorship opportunities

    • Events

    • Awards

  • Execution of tactical plan


Bringing it all to life

Already have a strategy that works for you? No worries! We also can assist with content creation and copy writing for the following:

  • Social media (posts and long form)

  • Blog posts

  • Articles

  • White papers

  • Case studies

  • Reference guides

  • Checklists

  • Videos

  • Print

  • Website copy and content

  • Press releases

  • Media announcements

  • Promotions/Contests

  • Photography

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